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Welcome to Our School!

Welcome to Year 2!

Class Hawthorn

Year 2 Curriculum (click)- A guide on what your child needs to learn in Year 2 and how you can help.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Miss Ife c/o 

Teacher: Miss Ife

TA Support: Mrs Samecki

1:1 TA Support: Miss Wyatt



Firstly, I hope you and your family are well!

As we have an increased number of children isolating, I have updated our list of home learning links. Scroll down the page for these.

These are closely linked with our work in class.

For your information, these are the key things we have been working on in class so far in Spring 1, 2022...

In  Maths we have worked on coins, notes, adding amounts of coins/notes to find the total, making amounts of money in different ways and also finding change.

We have started to look at multiplication - arrays, repeated addition and using the x symbol to demark multiplication sentences.

We have been practising our 2, 5 and 10x table which the children need to know off by heart by the end of the year.

In English (SPaG), we have learned about the different sentence types (exclamations, questions, statements and commands) and we have have recapped word types (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs).

We have also used adjectives to create expanded noun phases within our sentences


the butterfly           could be expanded to             the beautiful, blue butterfly

We have looked at simple sentences which contain a subject and a verb and also started to learn about compound sentences which use a co-ordinating conjunction to join 2 simple sentences together.


I don't like golf but I do like football.

Co-ordinating conjunctions can be remembered using FANBOYS (For And Nor But Or Yet So)

In topic, we have learned about the colder parts of our earth and how this relates to the equator. We have recapped the continents.

We have thought about what it would be like to be an explorer and what we would take on an exploration to Antarctica.

In RE, we have been focusing on Christianity. We talked about the Bible and why this is important to Christians. We have also looked at the 10 commandments and how some of these are similar to ideas within other religions.

We talked about World Religion day which was Sunday 16th January.


End of Year 2 Objectives

These are the objectives that we aim to meet by the end of Year 2 for the key areas. 


Spring Term 2022

We are looking forward to the new term and all of the exciting work we will be doing!

I would just like to remind you that children must have their diaries in school every day, and should be bringing in homework, PE kit and Forest School clothes on the appropriate days.


Topics this half term

Our first topic this half term is “Frozen planet” in which we will be learning about the continents, the location of the polar regions and what it is like there. We will be learning about some famous explorers - Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott. For our art this half term, we will be looking at the art work of Mlle Hipolyte and creating our own animal masks in a similar style!


After half-term we will be looking at “Chokkawokka-doo”. The topic includes how chocolate is made, looking into fair trade and for art, focusing on logos and packaging. The children will design a chocolate bar wrapper. 



Please make sure that you read with your child at least 4 times per week.   Rewards are given at the end of each half term for children who read 4 times or more each week but this must be signed by an adult in reading diaries.  Reading diaries are checked every Friday.



P.E Kit

Every Tuesday and Thursday, children will be taking part in P.E. sessions. Please make sure that your child is wearing the appropriate, labelled kit on this day!


Forest School

Forest school will take place on Friday afternoons.  Though we are trying to limit the amount of belongings brought in from home, your child must bring in a pair of wellies with their name on in order to participate in the Forest School sessions. If they wish, they may bring in some over trousers and other waterproofs which can be worn over the top of the school uniform, along with scarves, gloves and hats in the colder months.


Homework this year will be given out on Fridays via homework book. This needs to be completed to the best of your child's abilities - the homework intends to revise work already completed in lessons but if your child needs support or guidance please show this in a different colour where possible! Feel free to make any notes on it so that we know how to support them further in their learning of the topic. The completed homework will then need to be submitted to school on the following Thursday.

I know the children work hard at school and so doing their homework will earn them Class Dojo points.

Times Tables

In Year 2, children need to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables! Please try and practise this at home too. This could be counting steps in multiples while walking or going up the stairs, counting money or even just making a poster to have them displayed around the house!


SATS Testing  

The end of Key Stage One SATs are scheduled to take place in May 2022. More information will follow at a later date. Please don't worry!



As this is a SATs year at school, it's important to keep learning and revising what we've learned, particularly if you are unable to attend school. Below are some of our favourite links we recommend to support learning at home

General Websites:

General English: A variety of SPaG games aimed at KS1

Spelling: (Choose Year 2) 


SPaG - Types of sentences & conjunctions - BBC bitesize - sentence types Problem punctuation - What is wrong with the sentence? BBC bitesize - What is a coordinating conjunction? BBC bitesize - Using coordinating conjunctions 

SPaG - Word Types: NOUN rap identify nouns, adjectives and verbs BBC bitesize - What are nouns? BBC bitesize - What are adjectives? BBC bitesize - What are verbs? BBC bitesize - What are adverbs? (adverbs are a Y2 thing even though this is aimed at KS2) identify adjective identify verb


It is really important to keep up your reading at home. 

Try these reading activities to go alongside your books -  Reading Challenges!

General Maths websites: 

Maths Money Games:

Times Table websites (children need to be confident with their 2, 5 and 10 x tables so please focus on these): TTRS - You will need your child's log in details for this which should be in their reading diary. Message me on dojo if needed. (Hit the button is a good one!)

Youtube have some great times table songs! Here is an example of Numberjacks


Geography: Continents game Oceans game 

Spring 1 Topic - Polar regions, animals, Antarctica, Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott etc. adaptations of animals living in the Arctic Arctic animals