School Governors

The Governing Body is made up of the following members:

Parent Governors – elected by the parents (5)

Community Governors – nominated and accepted by the Governing Body (3)

LEA Governors – nominated by the Local Authority (3)

Staff Governors – elected by the staff  (2)

Staff, Head Teacher – by dint of office (1)

All Governors are automatically members of the Governing Body which meets three times each year.  The meetings are usually held in October, Autumn Term; March, Spring Term and  June, Summer Term; and Annual General Meeting; November, Winter Term; March, Spring Term.  They start at 6pm and take between one and two hours, depending on the amount of discussion on the agenda items.

Attendance at Governing Body meetings is the minimum requirement.  However, most Governors are on one of the following Committees.

Finance and Personel

The  members of the Committee meet four times a year.  Meetings start at 6pm and take between one and two hours.

The functions delegated to the Committees are on the Decision Planner at Appendix B.

Children and Curriculum

Again the  members of this Committee meet for an hour or two, four times a year.

The school governors would like to hear from any member of the Coppice Farm School community to assist the leadership of the school and ensure the learning experience for our young children is the best it can be.


Information on Governors and duties (click)



Mr J.Brough 

Vice Chair

 Mrs P Bird

Co-opted Governor

Mr Mark Hopkins

Mrs Kathryn Cooper

Parent Governors

Mr Andrew Wilson

Mr Ian Watson

Mr Gavin Aspley

Mr Ed Mobbs

Mr Chris Baker

Local Authority Governor
Blank Governor Profile Template Document – Profile Document (Word Format)

Staff Govenor

Mrs Donna Quarless-McGee

Head Teacher

Mr J Brewster


School Governor Resources

School Governors have access to an oline Governor Training resource called GEL.

Governor eLearning


Click here to access the website (

Governor GEL instructions document – GEL Instructions