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Coppice Farm Primary School

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Remote Learning Guidance and principles 2021

Any complaints about remote learning should go through the school's complaints procedure

 - Important information from our school uniform provider for back to school 2021 - View the information here.

Letters to parents:

14th September 2020: Updated guidelines and restrictions

8th September 2020: Reporting concerns

4th September 2020: Class Dojo User Guide

29th August 2020: Re-opening of school for all pupils UPDATED 

22nd August 2020: Re -opening in September for all pupils


Coronavirus Update January 4th 2022

School remains open as normal.

Coronavirus - UPDATE January 11th 2021

Thank you to all our wonderful pupils, parents and staff for their ongoing understanding and support over the past few weeks. Our school community is truly amazing! We are now closed apart from provision to some critical key worker pupils.

Please do not come onto school grounds unless you are taking or collecting your child. Social distancing and keeping everyone safe and virus free is our absolute priority.

We continue to be advised by Public Health England. Please check latest guidance or call 119 to book a test. You can book a test online.

Please email  non urgent questions to help keep morning phone lines free.

Full School Re-opening September 3rd 2020 subject to change.

Start and finish times may vary. Please ensure you have parent mail or class Dojo to receive updates.

Thank you for your ongoing support at this time.

For SEND Covid-19 Information Click here


Following government guidelines and advice, we urgently request that you only send your child into school as an absolute last resort. Social distancing is crucial right now, which is why schools have have been closed. If there is an elder sibling or non-key-worker or non-critical key-worker parent working at home, please keep your children at home.

Please help us protect our front line critical key-workers by being able to care for their children as safely as possible. We must keep our staff and the children in our care as safe from this virus as possible. If we, the staff succumb to COVID-19, our school will have to shut and our care will cease so please help us to stay open by doing the right thing.

Thank you.