Laver Close, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG5 7LS

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Coppice Farm Primary School

A small school with a HUGE heart!

Head Teacher's Welcome



Welcome to Coppice Farm Primary School – a small school with a HUGE heart!

Having joined the Head Leadership team here in September 2018, Coppice Farm very quickly found a place in my heart. This year continues a very exciting new chapter for our school and I am delighted and proud to continue to lead our wonderful school forward as Head Teacher.

We are so lucky to have a fabulous team of staff, incredible pupils, hugely supportive governors and fantastic parents. Our key focus is to support, nurture, guide and champion every child in our school to be the best that they can be. We celebrate individuality, we raise each other up and building a strong, supportive school community is so important in achieving this. We hope that Coppice Farm is a place that our children are excited to be, somewhere they feel safe, celebrated and encouraged – a happy, positive and creative environment where everyone can grow and thrive with confidence.

Our new school logo and values, which were launched in September 2022, were created and devised with input from our pupils and staff, and reflect our whole school ethos, aims and values:



              We are EQUAL  *  We enjoy LEARNING * We SUPPORT each other



              We are STRONG * We are KIND * We can all be STARS



              We have COOL lessons  * We are GREEN (environment champs!) * We look after EACH OTHER



              We are KIND * We are POSITIVE * We are GROWING



              We are DIVERSE * We are BEAUTIFUL * We are RESILIENT



              We celebrate INDIVIDUALITY * We come TOGETHER * We are UNIQUE


Well-being is a priority for all of our children, parents and staff – we are dedicated to caring for and supporting each other – being kind to each other and to ourselves is a golden thread that runs throughout our school. Ask our children – being kind is cool ! We have a dedicated team and strive to embed a positive, resilient mind-set, ensuring our children can grow the life skills to help them deal with difficult situations and emotions as effectively and successfully as possible. I am delighted to have our new Pastoral Team on board - made up of dedicated individuals who have been supporting children and families in our school for many years, we hope to extend this support and offer all in need of a listening ear, advice or just a cuppa and a chat.

We love to see our children succeeding and building strong home-school relationships is so important to support and help all of our children thrive. Positive communication, getting to know all of our families and being there for each other helps our children feel safe and happy so we look forward to seeing our families each day and building a strong community.

In short, Coppice Farm Primary is a fantastic school and we are so excited about the year ahead – our learning bus is almost complete after a big COVID-19 delay, and our big school makeover is ongoing - we are ready to sparkle and shine!

Come and visit us – our doors are always open and if you would like to get involved and support us in any way, please get in touch!

Here’s to an absolutely brilliant year in our absolutely brilliant school!


Mrs Donna Quarless-McGee

Head Teacher