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Coppice Farm Primary School

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Subject Lead: Miss L Thurman

We're incredibly excited about the journey we're embarking on in history here at Coppice Farm Primary, firmly believing in the importance of a robust and engaging history curriculum. It's not just about learning dates and events; it's about understanding the complexities of the past, fostering critical thinking, and cultivating empathy by exploring diverse perspectives. A well-crafted history curriculum provides students with the tools to navigate the present and shape the future. Join me in our quest to inspire young historians and ignite a lifelong love for learning about the past.


In our history curriculum, we passionately embrace the core values that define our educational community. As we delve into the past, our first commitment is to celebrate the world around us. We recognise and honour the achievements of diverse individuals, peoples, cultures, and ethnicities, uncovering both the triumphs and the struggles that have shaped our shared history. By weaving a tapestry that reflects the richness of human experience, we aim to instil a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of our global heritage.

Our curriculum also seeks to inspire and build aspiration by spotlighting the lives of significant individuals who have made positive changes, leaving a lasting impact on the present. Through their stories, we empower students to envision their own potential for positive contributions to the world, fostering a sense of purpose and possibility.

Building resilience is a fundamental pillar of our history curriculum. We encourage our students to make
evidence-based judgments about historical decisions, prompting them to question the rightness or wrongness of past actions. By nurturing this ability to critique without criticism, we equip our young learners with the resilience needed to navigate the complexities of historical narratives and draw meaningful lessons from them.

Communication skills are honed through dynamic teaching methods, including simulation and role play. Our students are prompted to pose questions, predict outcomes, and raise doubts, fostering an environment where they can explain their thought processes and ideas. Through defending their conclusions and engaging in thoughtful discourse, students learn to communicate effectively and collaboratively, paving the way for a deeper understanding of historical events.

Lastly, our curriculum aims to ignite and sustain curiosity. By guiding students to weigh evidence, sift through arguments, think critically, and pose perceptive questions, we cultivate a mind-set of continuous inquiry. Through these practices, we empower our learners to become active participants in the exploration and interpretation of history, sparking a lifelong curiosity that extends beyond the classroom


 Since October 2023, significant revisions have been made to our history curriculum, aimed at enhancing the learning experience for our students. One notable change involves reorganising various units to ensure chronological accuracy, enabling children to build upon prior knowledge and establish connections between different historical periods. Additionally, we have adopted an enquiry-based approach to each lesson, with a central question guiding students through six mini-enquiries within each unit. This approach fosters the development of historical skills and encourages students to think critically like historians. Furthermore, we are proud to introduce a "Black British and Belonging" thread to our curriculum, starting from September 2024. This addition ensures that most year groups will engage with elements of Black history during Autumn 1, enriching our understanding of diverse historical narratives.



Since introducing our new enquiry-based approach to history, I've had the opportunity to closely observe lessons, review students' work, and examine lesson planning across the school. The impact has been profound. History education has taken on a deeper dimension, with both students and staff immersed in rich learning experiences. It is thrilling to see historical skills being honed, evident in the quality of work and planning. Children are beginning to forge connections between different historical eras, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of our past. With meticulously planned lessons and a deeper grasp of historical topics, our school community is on an exciting journey of discovery and exploration.