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P.E. and Sports at Coppice Farm 

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At Coppice Farm Primary School, we aim to deliver a variety of sports and physical activities in order to include, encourage and inspire every child to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We also aim to promote values and skills such as confidence, competition, teamwork and respect.


P.E and Sports Premium   

What is it?

 P.E and sport premium is money given to schools to increase the number of children taking part in competitions and  sport. It is also used to develop better teaching of skills. Please visit our PE and  Sports Premium page.

Impact of premium 2017  

Football Scores 2017-18

Lambley 3- Coppice Farm 2

Good Shepherd 2- Coppice Farm 2

Arnbrook 0-Coppice Farm 3

Home matches

Coppice farm 2 - Arnbrook 0

Coppice Farm 2- Lambley 1

Coppice Farm 4 - Good Shepherd 0

Coppice Farm 8 - Robert Mellors 0

Coach: Mr Jordan Grady

W-4 D-1 L-1

Sport Relief 2018!

A little clip from the Street Dance Club's practise!

Ran by the wonderful Miss Hunt.