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We are very excited to announce that arriving at Coppice Farm soon is ...............MONSTER PHONICS!

What is Monster Phonics?

The 26 letters of the alphabet and combinations of these letters make 44 speech sounds in English.  The 44 sounds (phonemes) are spelt by 144 different letter combinations (graphemes). For example, the sound A is spelt several different ways, including ay (play) and ai (train). 

Traditional ways of learning to spell can be time-consuming and for some children they are ineffective. Monster Phonics teaches children to read by enabling them to identify the individual graphemes (letter combinations) ad blend the sounds (phonemes) together to read the word.

To support this process, Monster Phonics uses the 10 monsters to categorises all sounds into 10 simple areas. Furthermore, each monster has a different colour and that colour represents that way of spelling the sound.

Meet the Monsters

Find out more about how Monster Phonics works