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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

What is it?

The pupil premium is funding allocated to schools to boost the attainment of pupils from low income families. This also allocated to service children and those who have been looked after by the local authority. Nationally, each year the funding has increased per pupil.

What are we spending it on?Impact of spending at Coppice Farm Primary which is £39,600 based on 30 pupils. There are currently 21 pupils.

How we spent our funding:

Pupil premium funding was spent on supporting school trips and additional tutoring in groups and individually.


 Disadvantaged pupils- pupils receiving free school meals

FSM 6- pupils who have received free school meals in the last 6 years.


information for KS 2 results for FSM 6

Maths expected standard  57% 

Reading expected standard

Writing expected standard 86%
Number of pupils FSM 6   7  
Combined  Reading, Writing and Maths  57% -


 Pupil Premium Spending and impact 2017-18

Pupil Premium Rationale and spending 2018-19


Equality objective

The school has set an objective to narrow the gap between pupils with an additional language in Reading, Writing and Maths compared to other pupils at the expected standard.