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Coppice Farm Primary School

A small school with a HUGE heart!


Please see our behaviour policy on the policies page.

This statement has been produced through work with our pupils on the kind of place we want Coppice Farm Primary School to be.

We recognise that Coppice Farm is not perfect but everyone is welcome and looked after. We have good teachers who set challenging work. We are a small school but it has lots of different people in it.


We want Coppice Farm to keep changing and have the best quality equipment and building.  Pupils should have a rounded education with good social skills. We want high SATs results and our pupils to behave well and be sensible.We will help pupils who suffer bullying or prejudice. The people doing it will be talked to and understand it is wrong. They should understand other people’s feelings and be given a chance to change. If it is really bad then they may not be allowed to come to school until it stops. Their parents should know about bad behaviour and help stop it. Victims of bullying and prejudice will be looked after.We help new children by looking after them and making friends with them. They will be able to make their own decisions and get to know the school.  Children will be taught to value everyone and learn about other cultures and religions. We have visitors come to school and teach children about respect and difference. There are rules about how people should do things at this school and behave towards others.

Learning Behaviours

We encourage all the children at school to follow our learning behaviours which are:

Thoughtful  Creative  Risk Taking  Independent  Resilient  Reflective  Motivated

We believe this will help children improve as learners in school

Record Keeping

Coppice Farm Primary School keeps records on:

  • Bullying
  • Racist and Homophobic incidents
  • Exclusion 

Incidents are recorded and reviewed to evidence frequency and patterns. They also inform us whether our actions have been effective.