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School Policies

Home School Agreement (48kb pdf)

Homework Policy (42kb pdf)

eSafety Guide (294kb pdf)

Complaints policy 

Making a complaint

Charging and Remissions Policy

Local authority visitors to school guidance

Child Protection Policy 2018



Behaviour guidance DFE

Exclusion policy

Special Educational Needs policy

Disability and accessibility plan

Anti Bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Collective Worship policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Packed lunch policy

Equalities and cohesion policy 2017


School admissions  Policy 2016-17  2017-18


A child protection policy is available on request and other related policies as paper copy from the school office, free of charge.

Freedom Of Information

Please read the following document in to learn how to obtain information from Coppice Farm via the Freedom of Information act.

Coppice Farm Freedom of Information (52kb pdf)